Clinical Hypnosis, Past Life Regression

hypnotherapyHypnotherapy is a useful tool/shortcut in releasing various physical and psychological problems. Dr. Siranush K. Cholakian is a skilled Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, member of the ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis). Her forte is the Ericsonian Hypnotherapy.

Many diseases plague us for problems that have happened earlier during our lifetime, starting from birth or our previous life times. Past life Regression is a tool for releasing those issues leading to physical and emotional well-being in our present life. It is very useful in the treatment of anxiety disorders, panic attacks and asthma amongst others. Dr. Siranush K. Cholakian has trained with Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Therapy/Regression. Her wish is that more people open up their minds to this very successful mode of treatment.

Many people find it inspirational and do Past Life Therapy for getting insight in different personal issues and questions.