Traditional Chinese Medicine

acupuncture-treatmentTCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is thousands of years old Medicine, grounded in the old Chinese philosophy of the five elements, their interaction and flow of energy into each other….. Acupuncture is the most popular part of the TCM. It is used currently in China and all over the world parallel to Conventional Medicine. It has been widely used in Europe  over the past 50 years and enjoys a growing acceptance now in the United States. The WHO (World Health Organization) has approved it as an effective treatment for multiple diseases, symptoms and conditions.

Acupuncture works on the principle that there are energy channels flowing through the body, called meridians. Along these meridians are located the acupuncture points, a total of 365. The Modern Medicine has proven the existence of 361 of them. They are located in the body, which could be detected on the surface of the body by fine instruments.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine there are no diseases, but rather a human body or individual that has gotten out of balance. The imbalance can be a result of environmental factors i.e. cold, hot, wind, humidity. It could also be related to the person’s emotions like anger, grief, depression or simply by the lack of vital chi (energy).

Whatever the cause of the imbalance, it reflects into “stuck energy”, disruption of the normal flow of chi through the channels. By inserting ultra-fine needles along the meridians at the site of the acupuncture points the flow of chi is being re-established. This leads to balance and well-being.