Nutrition, Exercise, Breathing, Emotional Release & Acupuncture

weight-lossDr. Cholakian is preparing unique individualized weight loss programs. After a thorough evaluation of the person’s internal and external environment, appropriate modalities are chosen.

Nutritional Advice

What foods to choose in order to support the individual’s unique constitution. Discussing how to choose the ingredients, how to shop for them and how to prepare them. The old sayings “Food is Medicine” is still valid nowadays. It is a medicine in your hands if you know how to use it.

Physical Activity

Discussing the different activities and sports right for your physics, weight loss goals, individual preferences and medical conditions.

Breathing Exercise

Choosing from the many available options and learning to do them correctly for best results.


Reviewing different types of Meditation and finding the one which works best for you. Learning to practice it as part of your daily routine. Dr. Cholakian teaches you quick ways to do that in pretty much any environment.

Emotional Release

Help to Release Emotional Issues hindering successful and permanent weight loss.

Acupuncture and more

Acupuncture, combined with Aromatherapy and Energy Medicine for balancing the whole physical and energetic system and setting it on the right mode.


Advice on needed life style modifications and how to handle stress. Hypnotherapy for release of deep seated emotional issues.

Curandera Healings

Curandera Healings for releasing of negative attachment from our energy field.

Energy Efficiency and Homeopathy

Advice on how to save your Energy and how to build it up. It does not have to come from food.

Patient’s medications, supplements and reports are reviewed, continued or modified as needed.

Homeopathic remedies also play a role in the process of losing weight.